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Create Minimalist Cubicles To Maximize Your Small Workspace

by Riley Chapman

A large workforce often means more people who can help raise the bottom line of the company. One of the downsides to having a large workforce is housing everyone in the same business unit. For a company to run smoothly, having all your workers available in a central location is crucial to the running and development of the business. There are ways to fit a large workforce inside of a small area without sacrificing quality workspace. Here are some minimalist ideas for cubicle offices and workstations.

Glass cubicle dividers with curtains

Glass cubicles are a great idea for the cubicle system that will permeate the office. Cubicles made of high-quality glass will be see through for an open feel, but will also provide some sound barrier between workers. Inside of each office, install a curtain system so that the occupant of the cubicle can have complete privacy if necessary. Make the curtains a bright color, such as orange, in order to give the office an uplift. If you would prefer an office with no curtains, frosted glass still offers a bit of personal sanctuary.

Keep the furniture similar

Though each employee's function may be different, the furniture should remain the same for continuity purposes. Keep the office furniture inside of cubicles comfortable, but simple. Simple filing units and drawer sets should be available to keep clutter away from other parts of the office. Chairs should be comfortable and easily able to move about the cubicle square footage. Lastly, any common areas should be symmetrical and kept free of any clutter. During interior office construction, the common areas should be in the central portion of the room, or all the way to the front of the room. Easily accessible common areas will make the office flow easier for employees and clients.

Hide the cords

One of the biggest nuisances in an office design are the cords that run from the electronics. Employees tripping over electronics will make office work more difficult and large cords on display will make the office seem less comfortable. Purchase a furniture design that has holes inside of the desks to hide any computer cords. An office design should have outlets on the outer walls if cubicles are wall-lined or on the floor for cubicles designs that will be in the center of the room. Hiding all of the bulk from the cords will give the office a clean, streamlined look that will aid in the light feel of the office and allow office workers to quickly move about the office without restriction. For more help designing your office, contact companies like WDI Group interior design.