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Why A Homeowner Can't Go Wrong With Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

by Riley Chapman

Do you want to get the most out of your insulation investment for the walls in your house? The best thing that you can do is opt for closed-cell spray foam, as it is beneficial and easy to install. Below, discover why you can't go wrong with spending money on closed-cell spray foam to keep air from seeping through the walls.

How Beneficial is Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

The typical type of insulation that is used in home is a padding made out of fiberglass. Although fiberglass insulation can provide a little protection, air can still seep through it and reduce the amount of energy efficiency in your house. You won't have to worry about air seeping through closed-cell spray foam insulation. The foam is too dense for air to seep through it, which means the temperature in your home will stay regulated as you desire. You will see lower energy bills with closed-cell spray foam in the walls.

You will also find that closed-cell spray foam is the best way to prevent heat from coming through the walls. The reason is due to it having an R-value that is higher than other types of insulation materials. Basically, the R-value refers to the quality of heat resistance you will get from insulation. Closed-cell spray foam is great if you live in a climate that is primarily warm. You will be able to run your air conditioner for just a short while to keep your home cool. You can also count on the foam to protect your walls against moisture damage.

Spray foam insulation is installed by getting blown into the wall cavities, and you won't have to get any of the drywall removed. A contractor will only need to make a little hole in the drywall that is big enough for the spray foam equipment to fit inside. The foam will fully expand in the wall cavities and dry up after it has been sprayed.

How Much is Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation Estimated to Cost?

You will have to spend more on closed-cell spray foam insulation than other materials because it is so dense and has a high R-value. However, the benefits will account for the price. Getting the foam blown into the wall cavities by a professional will cost up to $3,500 for empty wall space of 1,000 square feet. For more information, contact Four Seasons Insulation Ltd. or a similar company.