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The Difference Between Prefabricated And Custom Hardwood Floors

by Riley Chapman

One of the smartest renovations is to install new hardwood floors in your home. The rich style and durability of hardwood makes it ideal for flooring. However, not all hardwood flooring products are the same. This article will explain the differences between custom and prefabricated floors.

Prefabricated Floors

Prefabricated floors are definitely the cheaper of the two options. They are made out of thin layers of wood that are glued together. Only the top layer of the floor is made out of hardwood. This keeps down the cost of the floor, but it also serves several practical purposes. First, it keeps the flooring planks lightweight. Second, it reduces expansion and contraction issues that are common with wood. Wood can expand or swell as the moisture content of the air changes. This not an issue with most prefabricated wood products.

Prefabricated floors are loved by many because they are easier to install. They are built with a tongue and groove system which makes them easy to install. Each piece simply snaps into the next, without needing any fasteners or screws. In fact, prefabricated floors are so easy to install that many customers install them on their own to make the floors even more affordable.

You can find prefabricated floors at most home improvement stores. Basically, you can walk into the store, walk out with your floor, and start installing it that day.

Custom Floors

Custom floors are more expensive than prefabricated floors because the planks are made out of solid pieces of wood. This means they are heavier and more difficult to install. Many people love the feel of solid wood floors, because the difference is noticeable under your feet. Solid floor will be more stable and quieter.

Custom floors need to be installed by professional contractors. They will attach each plank of wood to the subfloor beneath. The planks do not snap together easily like on a prefabricated floor, so the sides need to be mitered and glued together.

One of the best features of a custom hardwood floor the fact that you can change it over the years. You can sand off the finish and re-stain it whenever you want to update your floor style. In general, a custom floor, made out of solid hardwood for last longer then a prefabricated floor.

Either of these hardwood options will add a lot of style to any room in your home. Just choose the product that fits your style and budget.