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4 Unusual Types Of Tiles You Can Use To Customize Your Home

by Riley Chapman

Tiles are an easy way to add texture and design to your floor without breaking the bank. They are also able to add an extra layer of protection so that the hard surface beneath them is not damaged by liquid spills or other problems. However, some people are not satisfied with the normal selection of tiles that are normally found in hardware stores. If you want your floors to make a statement, you will need to go to specialty tile stores in Vancouver. Here are some unusual tiles that you can use to customize your home.

1. Bamboo Tiles

Bamboo tiles are made out of bamboo that has been secured together in order to make a stable, flat surface on which people can walk and furniture can be placed. This type of tile works well for people who have a tropical theme to their home or are trying to evoke a more peaceful setting. This type of tile works for both flooring and for counters. When you purchase this type of tile you are going to want to make sure that the bamboo comes from bamboo farms, rather than naturally growing bamboo because this will mean that it is more environmentally friendly and cheaper.

2. Water Tiles

Another option is to purchaser a tile set that looks like the surface of a pool of water. These tile sets will usually have three or four different water designs on their tops that will enhance the feeling that anyone who is walking on the tiles is actually walking on water. These tiles work well in bathrooms and around pools.

3. Grass Tiles

A third option is to install tiles of grass near your patio. These tiles will either have live grass or fake grass that will be sturdy enough to stand up to people walking on it all day. These tiles are excellent options for outdoor or rooftop patios because they will evoke the feeling and connection with nature in people who are near them.

4. Smoke Tiles

Similar to the water tiles mentioned above, smoke tiles will have an abstract picture of smoke wafting through the air on them. If you purchase these tiles, you will receive a few different patterns on the tiles in order to make the meandering smoke look more random on an entire, completely tiled floor.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in making custom tiles.