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Three Ways to Prepare Your Yard for an Eavestroughing Crew

by Riley Chapman

Having a professional crew work on your home's eavestroughs, either to clean them, fix them, or even replace them, is something that ensures the water safely flows away from your home when it rains. Although you might be tempted to tackle this job on your own, the heights and precise nature of the task make it better suited for trained professionals. You can successfully do your part, however, by taking steps to ensure that your yard is suitable for the crew by the time it arrives. Here are three yard-maintenance steps to follow.

Remove the Obstacles

An eavestroughing crew will likely be working around the entire perimetre of your home, meaning the crew members will need to safely place their ladders in several locations over the course of the job. You can make the working area ready for the crew—and cut down on the length of the visit, likely saving you some money—by taking a walk around your yard and removing any obstacles that could impede the crew's progress. This means that your garbage cans, recycling bins, barbecue, kids' toys, and any other items around the edge of your home need to be temporarily relocated.

Cut the Lawn

Cutting your lawn a day or two before the eavestroughing crew arrives can make the crew's job easier, as well as lessen the risk of injuries to you and your family in the future. If the grass is short, the crew won't risk temporarily losing its tools and can get the job done quicker. Additionally, an eavestrough repair or installation job involves the use of several small nails. It's reasonable to expect that some of these nails will get dropped, but if the grass is short, the crew shouldn't have trouble collecting them at the end of the day. Long grass can hide nails and can lead to you or a family member stepping on a nail in the future.

Trim Unruly Trees

If you've been annoyed at the tree branches that have grown to the point that they touch your home, now's the time to grab the ladder and trim the foliage back. Tree branches that get in the way of the eavestroughing job will delay the crew or potentially make the project unsafe. Furthermore, branches can drop leaves in the eavestroughs and cause other problems over time. It's best to get this problem addressed before the crew arrives. Hire a tree trimming service or do handle the task on your own, but be sure to use safety measures.

For more information about eavestrough maintenance, go to websites of contractors in your area.