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Not Enough Counter Space? Improvise!

by Riley Chapman

Small apartments and cramped homes may not be able to add a new counter or completely expand a kitchen for more space. Your counters may already be covered with appliances such as a microwave or a stand mixer, and your cutting board may take up more space than planned. When even more equipment comes out, you may be struggling to keep everything accessible and safe. With a few improvisation techniques, you could keep your appliance and other items available--or expand your clutter to other parts of the home.

Rolling Counters And Cabinets

Is your kitchen an entirely different room, or is it connected to a dining room or living room? Homes with connected kitchens may be able to transition gracefully to the next room with just a few stable surfaces, allowing you to add a few more items without completely overwhelming the dining room.

A rolling counter top is similar to something you may see in a restaurant. Similar to food carts, these home decor-oriented carts can be wheeled in place to provide an extra surface for serving or adding equipment.

Why is rolling necessary? You could use a stationary shelf or cabinet at counter top height, but what if you need to get the furniture out of the way for something else. It's still a potential piece of clutter, and you may have to pick it up to store it somewhere else. With a rolling counter top, you can simply wheel the cart somewhere else for convenient storage--or even repurpose the storage space for another part of the home.

Make sure that the rolling furniture has brakes. If you get really into mixing, cutting or tearing, the cart may slip and send everything to the floor. Brakes are not an expensive boost in functionality, but not all rolling counter tops have brakes. 

Cabinets To Accentuate The Kitchen

Invading the dining room causes problems with some households because it changes the organized dining area to a hectic kitchen center. It doesn't have to be that way with the right cabinets in place.

If your cabinets are full or just too small, decorate the dining room with a Hoosier cabinet or other tall furniture pieces used for storage. Choose wood or materials that match the decor of your dining room or living room, and avoid storage furniture with glass display case designs to keep the kitchen equipment out of view--unless you have nice drinking glasses and dishes that you wouldn't mind putting on display.

Don't go oversized with your furniture choices, especially since you're trying to augment a small or limited living area. Save the big stuff for when/if you move to a bigger area, and spare your back (or the back of movers) from the complex dance that is fitting big furniture in small rooms.

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