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3 Common Areas Where Bats Can Get Into Your Home

by Riley Chapman

Bats are one pest you don't want inside of your home. Just the thought of them flying around inside of your personal living space can be enough to freak most people out. These unwanted pests could end up leaving their droppings all over the place, not to mention there is always the chance that one of them could bite you and give you rabies. Because of this, you need to find out where they are coming into your home at and get the problem taken care of right away. Check out these three common areas below.

Ridge vent.

Your ridge vent is one of the more common places for these pests to enter your living space. Many builders use a plastic material to cover the ridge. Over time, that material is going to buckle and bend from the elements outside. When that happens, it creates openings for any pest to squeeze through and get into your home. Bats don't need a very large opening to get in, so one small buckle and you are dealing with a major infestation.


Chimneys are a great addition to any home. You can use them to stay warm during the cool winter months as you relax by the fire. However, they are also a welcome entrance for any bats outside. If your chimney structure is faltering or you don't have anything up top sealing off the entrance to the chimney, bats will swoop into the flue and roost there. They could come down and at you when you start a fire because you smoked them out. This could be quite dangerous. Find out about having the chimney repaired and safely sealed off to prevent this from happening to you.


Dormers are often an area of concern. Many builders don't seal off the part where the dormer meets the roof line properly. Because of that, there is a gap that is a couple inches in diameter where any critter can make its way into your home. If your dormers aren't properly sealed off, you need to see about getting that done right away to prevent additional problems from occurring. Even though dormers look nice from outside, you have to make sure they are properly sealed to keep you safe inside.

By addressing the three areas above, you can make sure you don't end up with a bunch of pests inside of your home taking over your space. Contact a business, such as Steve's Masonry Service bricklaying, for more information.